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lovable princess

17 years old, single, like music and art. sometimes grumpy but mostly talk active and cheerful.

i really like this one better.. 

"so do us both a favor and stop lying "

married to the bad boy.

It all started with an apple

It first started with the girl named Brianne who has crazy best friend asking her to throw an apple at random people with closed eyes, her friend says that the one who got with by the apple will be her soulmate. unfortunately the apple landed on Danon the famous guy in school, everyone admire him and like him. After it landed on Danon, thats when the romance between them start and the sad story happen along the way. I really like this story so much, it touched my heart, this story makes me cry. I never though that this story is the one that makes me stronger every time i want to give up and feeling frustrated. 


"despite the life that i have, i'm still drawing memories everyday and every single time. despite being loveless, i still offer the love to my half."
"tired of reality, jump into my own fantasy world, erase the memories, create the new one."
"the tears wasted, the blood drew out, the happiness washed away, the death calls...."
"i feel like in prison even though i'm not"
"the way those eyes looking at me... i almost let my wall down but the memories that broke me down keep haunting me... i lost my way and my self at the same time when you dump me the other day..."
"i close my eyes and try to imagine your face and our beautiful memories once more but it crash me down when i only remember at the time you broke me down."
"The way he is looking at me... it makes my stomach full with butterflies but at the same time i know i have to let him go because i wont let my heart broken for the second time..."
"love is hurting you inside out but you still value it no matter what but in my point of view i dont care about love because it once betray me and torn me apart. "